HPE Pointnext Tech Care Critical – 5 Year Extended Service – Service – HS7X4E – ERP: $14,437.00

24 x 7 x 6 Hour – On-site – Maintenance – Parts & Labor

Product Overview

UPC Code: 000000000000
Manufacturer Warranty: None
D&H Returns Allowed: no
Return Period (Days): 0
Add’l Return Info: All Defects – Call HPE 800-633-3600
Master Pack Qty: 0
Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

General Information


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Manufacturer Part Number:

Manufacturer Website Address:


Brand Name:

Service Name:

Pointnext Tech Care Critical – Extended Service
Product Type:


Service Information

Service Main Type:

Service Characteristic:

Parts & Labor
Service Description:

24x7x6 Hour
Provided Support:

Knowledge Base Access
Provided Support:

New Releases Update
Provided Support:

Parts Replacement
Provided Support:

Phone Support
Provided Support:

Remote Diagnosis
Provided Support:

Provided Support:

Visual Remote Guidance
Provided Support:

Web Support
Service Response Time:

6 Hour – Repair (distance from customer site – 50 miles)
Service Location:

Service Duration:

5 Year
Product Supported:

HPE 868703R-B21, 868704R-B21, 868705R-B21, 868706R-B21, 868710R-291, 875773-S05, 875774-S05, 875784-B21, 875785-B21, 879938-291, P01945-S01, P01946-S01, P01947-S01, P01948-S01, P01949-S01, P01950-S01, P01951-S01, P01952-S01, P02149-001, P02149R-001, P02462-291, P02462-B21, P02462R-B21, P02463-291, P02463-B21, P02463R-B21, P02464-291, P02464-B21, P02464R-B21, P02465-291, P02465-B21, P02465R-B21, P02466-291, P02466-B21, P02466R-B21, P02467-291, P02467-B21, P02467R-B21, P02468-291, P02468-B21, P02468R-B21, P02483-AA1, P02484-AA1, P02485-AA1, P02486-AA1, P02487-AA1, P05524-291, P05524-B21, P05524R-B21, P06419-291, P06419-B21, P06419R-B21, P06420-291, P06420-B21, P06420R-B21, P06421-291, P06421-B21, P06421R-B21, P06422-291, P06422-B21, P06422R-B21, P06423-291, P06423-B21, P06423R-B21, P11983-AA1, P13271-B21, P19714-B21, P19715-B21, P19716-B21, P19717-B21, P19717R-B21, P19718-B21, P19719-B21, P19720-B21, P19720R-B21, P20172-291, P20172-B21, P20172R-B21, P20174-291, P20174-B21, P20174R-B21, P20182-291, P20182-B21, P20182R-B21, P20245-291, P20245-B21, P20245R-B21, P20248-291, P20248-B21, P20248R-B21, P20249-291, P20249-B21, P20249R-B21, P23465-291, P23465-B21, P23475-AA1, P23476-AA1, P23477-AA1, P23478-AA1, P23479-AA1, P23480-AA1, P24164-B21, P24840-291, P24840-B21, P24841-291, P24841-B21, P24842-291, P24842-B21, P24844-291, P24844-B21, P24845-291, P24845-B21, P24846-291, P24846-B21, P24847-291, P24847-B21, P24848-291, P24848-B21, P24849-291, P24849-B21, P24850-291, P24850-B21, P25215-AA1, P25216-AA1, P25217-AA1, P36135-291, P36135-B21, P39380-291, P39380-B21, P40422-B21, P40423-B21, P40424-B21, P40425-B21, P40426-B21, P40427-B21, P40428-B21, P40717-291, P40717-B21, Q8T85A, Q8T86A, Q8T87A, Q8T88A, Q8T89A, Q8T90A, Q8T91A, Q8T92A, Q8U52A, Q8U53A, Q8U54A, Q9A02A, Q9A03A, Q9A04A, Q9A05A, Q9A06A, Q9E98A, Q9E99A, Q9F02A, Q9G65A, Q9K01A, Q9K02A, Q9K03A, Q9K04A, Q9V07A, Q9V07B, R0Q30A, R0Q31A, R0R62A, R1A19A, R4T10A, R7E81A

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