Incorrect Charges
To report an invoice discrepancy, please call 1-800-296-0820 or email within 45 days of invoice date.

Net Terms
Albany Distributing offers lines of credit to its valued customers. To be considered for a line of credit, customer’s must provide at least two bank references, three trade references, and been in business for at least two years. Please send requests to

E-Check policy
Albany Distributing only accepts e-check payments from its Net Term credit account holders only.

Late Fees
Albany Distributing will asses a 5% late fee on all open invoices with a past due date of 5 days or more.

Sales Tax
If an order is delivered to an address within the State of New York or California, an 8% sales tax will be collected at time of order unless a valid tax exemption certificate is on file.

For New York State, please download and complete the New York State ST-120 form.
For California, please download and complete the California BOE-230 form.
Fax or email tax exemption certificates to 1-800-743-8618 or

Once Albany Distributing has verified the tax exemption certificate(s), the customer’s account will no longer be subject to sales tax for the appropriate state.

Chargebacks and Disputes
If a customer receives a chargeback from its buyer; the chargeback is solely the customer’s responsibility and not that of Albany Distributing. Please note, a chargeback against Albany Distributing may result in the customer’s account being terminated.